Introduction to Squared

Squared is a three month Google-led initiative in partnership with Hyper Island and the IPA for newly employed graduates in the communications industry. With the ambition of ‘empowering the next generation of future leaders’, Squared has created a powerful network of 83 passionate representatives from some of the top agencies in the UK.

This is the first output of the Squared network: The Squared 2012 State of the Industry Report.  A view on the key themes affecting agencies, clients and brands as defined by the young people at the cutting edge of the industry.

This report is the result of an extraordinary collaboration between 25 of the leading creative, media and digital agencies in the UK. Opinions have been sought from a cross-section of industry professionals – from CEOs and international board members through to recent graduates – in order to forge a holistic and integrated point of view. The questions have been designed to encourage discussion of the prevailing forces currently shaping the advertising and marketing landscape.

The Squared perspective is unique because it is completely fresh, transcending agencies and avoiding the potential inertia that can come with experience.  This is the story of the industry as told by the people who will endeavour to define its course in the coming years. The unprecedented combination of radical new thinking combined with the expertise of accomplished and respected practitioners makes this viewpoint compelling, noteworthy and a must-read.

To download the full version of the report please click here.


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